Inspiring (2010)

Inspiring was part of Giving Notice: Words on Walls curated by Peter Dykhuis at Dalhousie Art Gallery, Halifax, 2010. In response to Dalhousie University’s ‘Inspiring Minds’, I collected taglines from six other universities and seven corporations containing a form of the word ‘inspiring’. In 2010, Benjamin Moore ran a promotional campaign and home decorator’s contest under the banner, ‘Inspired by You’. I matched the seven colours used in the accompanying promotional material for Inspiring. I chose this location in the Gallery for its imposing, authoritative position at the entrance where this work would act as a temporary architectural frieze. Giving Notice: Words on Walls also included work by Brad Buckley, Garry Neill Kennedy, Gordon Lebredt, Micah Lexier & Christian Bök and Lawrence Weiner. A catalogue with essays by Peter Dykhuis and Jessica Wyman is available from the Gallery.