Move In Now (2010)

Move In Now was part of Giving Notice: Words on Walls curated by Peter Dykhuis at Dalhousie Art Gallery, Halifax, 2010. I appropriated ‘Move In Now’ from a condo ad on a vacant building in North-end Halifax for the Gallery’s reading nook. This space was already outfitted with black leather-like furnishings reminiscent of a modest condo showroom suite. I commissioned a local sign-painter to render the work in the style she used for car dealership windows using the colours found in the ‘Move In Now’ sign. 

Giving Notice: Words on Walls also included work by Brad Buckley, Garry Neill Kennedy, Gordon Lebredt, Micah Lexier & Christian Bök and Lawrence Weiner. A catalogue with essays by Peter Dykhuis and Jessica Wyman is available from the Gallery.